Las Apariciones de la
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In the year 1968, the Holy Virgin Mary appeared to four little girls in “El Palmar de Troya”, a small, poor village 40 km southeast of Sevilla (Spain). From this date till now, there continue to be frequent Marian apparitions to many people in this place.

Unfortunately, in 1975, one of the seers, Clemente Dominguez, persuaded the Vietnamese Archbishop Diem, brother of the assassinated President of South Vietnam, to ordain him. Clemente first became a priest, then a bishop; and when Pope Paul VI was dead, he proclaimed himself “Pope of the Palmarian Catholic Church”. His sect built a large basilica surrounded by a high wall near “El Palmar”.

However, the people who remained loyal to the Catholic, Apostolic, Roman Church continue to pray there, in front of a humble white cross, near, but outside of the walls of the sect; and there, the apparitions of Jesus Christ and his Mother the Virgin Mary occur frequently.

This holy ground of the White Cross has become a spiritual school, where Jesus’ and Mary’s words aren’t addressed only to the whole world, but also to individual people. Personal messages give peace and love to people who suffer spiritually or bodily. The Virgin Mary, Our Mother, has said that any of her sons who comes to Her to pray will not remain frustrated.

The lessons of this spiritual school are focused on love, humility, unity and  prayer for the Pope and the Holy See.

The messages of Jesus and Mary are a warning to all of humanity about the world’s and Church’s situation and the Antichrist’s complot against the Holy See. The messages give us instructions for the spiritual and physical darkness (The Three Days of Darkness) which threaten humanity, if we don’t change our conduct. These messages mention the trumpets and horses of the Apocalypse.

When some especially dangerous events were near, the Virgin encouraged all  to pray to deter the actual risks which threaten Spain, the world or the Church. The Holy Virgin Mary teaches that the cross and the rosary can really change the world; but She also teaches that we must manifest our Faith with love and deeds, not only with words.

From the very beginning of the apparitions, St. Joseph and Padre Pio of Petralcina (now, St. Pio of Petralcina) have been protecting this holy ground.


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